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The accuracy of the results of the inline moisture measurements is depending on the accuracy of calibration.

To obtain a good calibration it is very important that the filling of the measuring cylinder happens in the same manner over and over again as it occurs in the automatic process. Also determining whether the measuring cylinder is "full", is then done every time the same way.

The INADCO Moisture measuring system will be measuring and calibrated in grams per litre. As the bulk density of the same sample is also known in grams per litre (= net product weight in measuring cylinder divided by volume), you can obtain the result as a percentage of moisture.

This also implies that inaccuracies in filling level directly are reflected in the calculated percentage of moisture.

The best way to calibrate INADCO Moisturemeter, is by running an automatic process and record several measurements like Density, Raw moisture-data like Vh, Vl and possibly the temperature of the product. The temperature can be important, because each measuring system is sensitive to temperature changes of the water inside the product.

During the automatic process there should be manually taken some samples. Each sample must be representative for 1 filled and measured cylinder. The manually taken sample has to be be used for determining the moisture-content with the use of a drying-stove.

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