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Press release

29 May 2014

Launch of innovative Biomass Moisture Measurement Technology by INADCO

INADCO Moisture Measurement BV located in the Dutch city of Eersel launches their innovative Moisturemeter II during the World Bioenergy 2014 Conference and Exhibition which runs from June 3rd until June 5th. The Moisturemeter II, which has a patent pending, will allow the users to have continuous measurements of Biomass moist levels. In addition to this the Moisturemeter II will also provide real time information on the calorific values of the Biomass used.

17 May 2013

INADCO technology evaluated in Swedish study.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in collaboration with the Swedish research company Energidalen AB conducted in February 2013 a study to determine the quality of moisture measurement with the system of INADCO Moisture Measurement in comparison to the Drying stove according to the European Standard (EN 14774-1:2009).

01 August 2012

Energidalen and INADCO together in test in Sweden for online measuring of moisturecontent

INADCO Moisture Measurement BV, a privately owned company from the Netherlands, will go in a series of tests with their Moisturesensor for woody biomass in Mid-Sweden. INADCO is a technology supplier who developed a unique and revolutionary new high-frequency measurement system especially designed to measure the moisture content in rough inhomogeneous products like biomass (e.g., biofuels, forest residues). Their technology makes it possible to have an instant moisture content value, as opposite to the use of the drying method, which will only give a moisturemeasuring result after 24 hours.

01 May 2012

Continuous moisture measurement of biomass for better energy content data

Moisture content is one of the fundamental parameters when deciding on biomass fuel quality as this in turn dictates energy content and price. In short, water is expensive to transport and to remove. The traditional methods of determining moisture content and bulk density almost all involve random sampling from a consignment which is not without drawbacks. The Dutch company INADCO, exhibiting for the first time at World Bioenergy presented a different solution, a robust real time continuous moisture measurement and sampling system.