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Our Densimeter is especially designed for the use by peat harvesting and substrate producing companies. It determines the bulkdensity of your soil in a way comparable to the standard European Standard EN12580. The base of the machine is a measuring cylinder equal to the one described in that standard.

Of course this same principle can be used to determine the Bulk Density of any other product. Changes in Bulk Density usally is a sign for changes in Moisture Content. Example of other products to be measured are sand, clay, woodchips, sawdust, bark, coirdust and so on.

The design of the machine offers the possibility to be integrated in an easy way in your mixing, bagging or loading line. The Densimeter can be build in almost every existing installation, due to the compact design and many configuration possibilities.
Optionally it can communicate with your plant automation, a weighing belt or a weighing bridge, so that it provides you with real time information about your actual batch.


The soil falls on the green shovel on the left side of the picture. The arm on which the shovel is mounted, rotates underneath the top of the pre-scraper, so that there remains only a defined layer of soil on the shovel. When the shovel rotates further, the soil on it is stopped by the bend silver ring (prescraper) and the soil drops down in the (above) blue measuring cylinder. After that, the shovel rotates back to its loading position, and a new sample of soil falls on it. The shovel stops and rotates again towards its reversal position, and the soil drops on the previous sample. This process continues until the measuring cylinder is completely filled. If so, the exact net weight of the contents of the measuring cylinder is determined, and this weight is divided by the volume (20 liters) of this measuring cylinder. Having done this, the cylinder is emptied on top of the main stream of the soil, and the measuring process starts from the beginning.


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