Measuring Bulk Density, Moisture and Volume

Cross Scanner

The INADCO Cross Scanner can be used in several ways.

Cross section and Height

Volume scanner

Streaming Bulk Density

Cross section and Height

The stand alone Cross Scanner is mostly used for measuring the layer thickness of the product on a conveyor belt. An infra red laser line measures at 400 points every 100ms the height of the product over the whole width of the conveyor belt.

Volume measurement

The Cross Scanner used for volume measurement is a combination of the stand alone Cross Scanner and a pulse generator.  The result can be used as an input for dosing purposes or to know the total amount of product has passed by.

The most recent projects with our Cross Scanner combined with a pulse generator are for volume measurement in the potting soil industry. Compared to other volume scanners our The Cross Scanners have only 1 calibration line in this industry .

Streaming Bulk Density

The Cross Scanner for measuring the Streaming Bulk Density. This version is mostly used in the production for potting soils or substrates. This system is a combination of the Cross Scanner as a volume scanner and a weighing signal.

Technical information

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