Measuring Bulk Density, Moisture and Volume



Saving money in the potting soil and substrate industry. Not by working harder but by working smarter

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Source: INADCO whitepaper, edition Januari 2023

For different reasons the most bags are overfilled between 5 and 10%. And in most cases the extra amount of product is giving for free. Curious on how much money we are talking and how much there can be saved?


Measuring = accurately knowing and controlling what you are measuring

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Source: FCI digital magazine, edition Januari 2022

INADCO is one of Europe’s leading developers, manufacturers and distributors of measuring equipment, serving many sectors in the horticultural sector since 1996. The company’s first-class reputation is built on advanced technology used for the most precise control and measuring the bulk density and moisture content of growing media.


Measurement specialist grows with its market

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Source: Bulk magazine, volume 27, edition 7

INADCO is with its measuring equipment the instrumentation partner in the potting soil industry. By getting in to play on new needs of the customer has the company  its portfolio expanded to a complete program innovative equipment for  the reliable measurement of bulk density, the moisture content and flow rate of inhomogeneous bulk goods.


Innovative Moisture Measurement Technology by INADCO

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INADCO Moisture Measurement BV located in the Dutch city of Eersel is expanding with their innovative moisture meters. Novelty is the Moisturemeter II which has a patent pending. The Moisturemeter II will allow the users to have continuous measurements of moisture levels.


Volume complaints belong to the past

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Source: Solids Processing, volume 22, edition 2

Trucks drive to and from Jiffy. Peat, originating from the Baltic states, Sweden and Germany, are supplied daily. In addition, many trucks leave every day for national and international destinations with the end product. Jiffy processes and mixes raw materials into high-quality substrates for growers. “Logistics makes up the lion’s share of our cost price, so we are constantly looking for improvements. The big bale press installation is therefore a real progress, ”says Roelof Buisman, substrate manager.

Continuous moisture measurement of biomass for better energy content data

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Source: General press release

INADCO Moisture Measurement BV located in the Dutch city of Eersel launches their innovative Moisturemeter II during the World Bioenergy 2014 Conference and Exhibition which runs from June 3rd until June 5th. The Moisturemeter II, which has a patent pending, will allow the users to have continuous measurements of Biomass moist levels. In addition to this the Moisturemeter II will also provide real time information on the calorific values of the Biomass used.


Moisture measurement as an integral part of the production process

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Source: Bulk magazine, volume 21, edition 5

INADCO Moisture Measurement broadens the product and service offering. The focus remains on moisture measurement, but process technology and total solutions are increasingly being supplied. This involves the development of integrated systems in which installations, process control and moisture measurement are assembled into efficient production resources. Technologies and systems developed in-house by INADCO are used for this.

INADCO Moisture measurement technology used in Swedish research

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The Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), in collaboration with the Swedish research agency Energidalen AB, carried out a study in February 2013 into determining the moisture content in Biomass with the INADCO Moisture Measurement system compared to the drying oven according to the European Standard (EN 14774-1: 2009).

Energidalen and INADCO together in test in Sweden for online measuring of moisturecontent

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INADCO Moisture Measurement, a privately owned company from the Netherlands, will go in a series of tests with their Moisture sensor for woody biomass in Mid-Sweden. INADCO is a technology supplier who developed a unique and revolutionary new high-frequency measurement system especially designed to measure the moisture content in rough inhomogeneous products like biomass (e.g., biofuels, forest residues). Their technology makes it possible to have an instant moisture content value, as opposite to the use of the drying method, which will only give a moisturemeasuring result after 24 hours.


Universal, mobile on-line moisture measurement

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INADCO-WEMO introduces a mobile, on-line moisture meter. With the measurement setup, various bulk products, such as grains, animal feed and meal, can be tested for moisture percentages at the companies themselves, in order to demonstrate the possibilities for cost savings and quality control.


INADCO regulates the mixing ratio for mushroom casing soil

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How do you regulate two strongly fluctuating material flows of peat and foam soil into a homogeneous casing soil for growing mushrooms? INADCO will provide an appropriate answer to this question from casing soil supplier Topterra. A few belt conveyors were set up weighing and thanks to INADCO technology, it was possible to reliably measure and adjust fluctuating material flows.