Measuring Bulk Density, Moisture and Volume

Filling BigBales by weight

Problems in filling BigBales
Many Big Balers make Bales on the basis of duration of filling time or based on level-switches. In most cases this does mean that the Bales are not uniform and the resistance of the Bales are different. This is caused by the fact that when the bale is filled based on the level, the contents of the bale can vary a lot. One product can slide in the baler against the underlying sidewall while another product falls in the middle of the Baler.
When the is Baler filled on the time-basis than the belt load is very important. Does the belt have a low load then the Bale won’t be firm enough after pressing, because there is not enough product in it. When the belt load is too big then you get too much product in the Bale. In both systems, this leads to Bales that cannot stand up straight or have differences in height.

The Solution
Our system ensures that the Baler is filled on a weight basis, whereas that desired weight is calculated from the desired contents in liters divided by the actual measured bulk density. This means that there is no dependency of belt loading. Each Bale gets the same amount of material and has the same resistance.

Key benefits

No dependency on belt loading.

Equal firmness of the Bale

No dependency on falling into the Baler

Equal produced bales

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