Measuring Bulk Density, Moisture and Volume

Moisturemeter I

Type: IMT-20Lx

With our bulk density analyzers, our belt weighers and our quantity control equipment, we have a broad experience in the production of potting soil. Despite this expertise for non-homogeneous and fibrous products such as biomass and peat, there are many challenges to overcome if you want to measure the moisture content of these inline. When measuring wood chips, straw fibers or other compressible products with rough structures, the same problems as stated for measuring potting soil must be solved because they are compressible, have changing surfaces and sizes and change their color from time to time.

Moisturemeter I in action

Moisture measurement in potting soil

The INADCO moisture sensor is mounted in a factory that produces potting soil, bases on mixtures of various types of peat, fertilizers and other additives.

Due to the reproducing method of sampling and the used measurement volume, this results in a high quality of moisture measurement, which in turn ensures a better quality of the potting soil.

Moisture measurement in Brick works

An INADCO Densimeter is mounted in a factory that produces bricks, based on a mixture of clay, loam and sand. Combined with the Moisture measurement option, the Densimeter measures the amount of water that has to be added to the mix in the mixer.

This results in a higher quality of bricks because the size and color of the baked stones will vary when too much water is added. Furthermore, all the added water must be removed during the baking process. So adding the right amount of water saves a lot of energy and improves the quality.

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Potting Reference unit

The potting reference can be added on the Densimeter for measuring the potting reference that is developed by the dutch RHP.

Higher Speed

With the option Higher Speed the movement of  the yellow shovel is adjustable and higher. This will decrease the total of measurement time around 15 seconds.