Measuring Bulk Density, Moisture and Volume

Energidalen and INADCO together in test in Sweden for online measuring of moisture content

INADCO Moisture Measurement BV, a privately owned company from the Netherlands, will go in a series of tests with their Moisturesensor for woody biomass in Mid-Sweden. INADCO is a technology supplier who developed a unique and revolutionary new high-frequency measurement system especially designed to measure the moisture content in rough inhomogeneous products like biomass (e.g., biofuels, forest residues). Their technology makes it possible to have an instant moisture content value, as opposite to the use of the drying method, which will only give a moisturemeasuring result after 24 hours.

The current method to determine humidity in biomass requires access to an oven or a dryingstove. By weighing the resulting quantity of solids, the amount of dry matter is arrived at i.e. the biofuel’s mass in absolutely dry conditions. The European Standard SS-EN 14774-1:2009 describes the method of determining the total moisture content of a sample of solid biofuels by drying in an oven and should be used when high precision of the determination of moisture content is necessary.

Background information

Energidalen in Sollefteå AB ( currently engaged in a project to investigate commercial practices in online measurement of determining humidity in woodchips from forest wood residues from mid Sweden like spruce, pine, birch. SLU will support Energidalen in organising and executing this tests.

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